How can we help?


A routine check up will usually include a few clinical pictures and x-rays if needed. It will allow us to draw up a treatment plan and quotation, if one is needed.

1st Dental Visit

A gentle introduction to a dental surgery is advised around age one or when the first baby teeth appear.

Flouride Treatments

Neutral sodium flouride gels or varnish can be applied every 6 months to protect teeth and aid remineralization of enamel.

Scale & Polish

Can be done if there are plaque and calculus deposits present on teeth. This is done with ultrasonic water and polishing paste.


Making use of different types of pit and fissure sealant materials are of the best ways to prevent cavities.


Single tooth anaesthesia is an alternative to a traditional syringe. It delivers more anaesthetic under less pressure and allows patients to return to normal without collateral numbing.

Tooth Mousse

This is a topical product that contains calcium and phosphate. It restores the mineral balance in the mouth and provides protection to teeth.

Sports Guards

A well fitting, professionally made sports guard is more likely to be worn than an ill-fitting one. It is one of the most important pieces of protective gear you can wear. It protacts your teeth and jaw to prevent costly dental injuries.


This type of dentistry allows a patient to enter a state of relaxation while having complex or multiple dental procedures done. It allows for safe treatment in anxious or young patients.


We commonly use general anaesthesia for very young (under the age of 5) patients that require complex and/or multiple dental procedures.

Interceptive Orthodontics

This is the early type of orthodontic treatment that prevents future problems such as cross bites, overbites, spaces and thumb sucking habits.

Special Needs

The requirements for a child with a special need, or one that is in a medically compromised state, are taken care of based on their requirements.


Low dose radiation and super sensitive film allow us to see and help us to make a diagnosis.


Composite resin or glass ionomer white restorations are placed to ensure function and aesthetics when treating cavities.

Strip Crowns

This is a method we use to treat decayed front primary teeth. It plays a key role in phonetics, eating, aesthetics, and the maintenance of space for permanent teeth.

Space Maintainers

Due to severe decay or trauma. A lower lingual arch or band and loop space maintainer can be placed to maintain the space until the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Night Guards

If you clench or grind your teeth at night, it will protect your teeth, reduce headaches and ease aching in your neck and shoulders.


A tumble down some stairs or a fall on a playground sometimes needs immediate dental splinting. We often use a combination of resin and metal for this.